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American Mean Girls in Video - Settles In Her New Room Part 1 2023 [Foot, Sexy Legs | HD] (Mp4/1000 MB)

03ef4039d7764/0421.Footjob_In_White_Socks_-_Paula_Mooney_]American Mean Girls in Video - Settles In Her New Room Part 1 2023 [Foot, Sexy Legs | HD] (Mp4/1000 MB)

Porno Online American Mean Girls - Settles In Her New Room Part 1

After touring the Mean Girl Mansion, Princess Amber shows me to the room I'll be staying in while I'm visiting. I notice right away the COMPLIMENTARY ball shockers. (Apparently this is standard for the Mean Girl Manor! They TRULY think of everything!) I waste NO TIME, getting my mutt strapped into the ball shocker and have it WORSHIP my feet. They're pretty sweaty from walking and I can't put on fresh heels until they're licked clean! I make sure to shock this loser (whenever I feel like it) as he licks EVERY inch of my feet. Choking on my toes and getting foot slapped is a real treat for ANY LOSER! And if I feel like he's slacking even a LITTLE, I have no problem shocking its balls!!!!! I explain to the mutt that it is EASILY REPLACEABLE, and therefore must be on its BEST behavior at ALL TIMES! (It's really important to point out all a beta's flaws so they know what needs to be improved if I am to keep using them!) Now suck on my heels, idiot!Princess Amber knocks at the door (she had left to go change into something more comfortable) You can tell she's excited to see how well I'm settling in at the Manor. I let her know that I've been using the complimentary ball shocker! However, this STUPID MUTT had the audacity to grab it's balls in agony after I shocked it!!!! Amber REALLY hates when slaves are disrespectful and explains what she does when a loser pisses her off! We discuss various ways to discipline a slave right in front of the DISOBEDIENT loser! (It must be SUPER humiliating because we forget it's even there) Because Amber had to walk all the way across the manor, I offer my mutt to clean her feet too so we can just relax and FINALLY catch up! Sometimes its just fun to gossip and get our feet licked (cause that's what HOT GIRLS do)

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