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Naomi Swann, Catalina Vegas in Video - Naomi & Catalina 2023 [Rare Foot, New Foot | HD] (MPEG-4/692 MB)

Naomi Swann, Catalina Vegas in Video - Naomi & Catalina 2023 [Rare Foot, New Foot | HD] (MPEG-4/692 MB)

Duration: 00:13:54 | Quality: HD | Format: MPEG-4 | Size: 692 MB

Porno Online Naomi Swann, Catalina Vegas - Naomi & Catalina

College Professor Mr Ninja has called in Naomi and Catalina to have a word about their slutty clothing, it's been a real distraction in classes, especially to him. The pervy teacher is called out on his ways by the girls as they've heard about other students getting better grades for certain favors. He let's on that they may be able to get in on it as well and bam! Naomi let's him know she just recorded the entire conversation. Now he is at the mercy of both of the co-eds. They tell him he better do whatever they want or else they will expose his little pervy deal. They start by kicking their shoes up on his desk and removing their dirty converse. They tell him he has to start sniffing, kissing and licking their barefeet! The humiliated Professor does as he is told as the girls giggle as his mouth and tongue give their grimy feet a good cleaning. He knows he's in deep trouble now. They wipe their soles up and down on his tongue before making him get on the floor under the table. Naomi notices his cock is hard through his pants as she starts rubbing her foot on it while Catalina continues to gag his mouth with her sweaty feet. Soon Naomi comes up with the ultimate humiliation. She pulls his pants off and starts giving him a footjob while Catalina continues to rub her feet all over his face and mouth. They continue mocking him till Naomi makes him spurt his load all over himself. How humiliating!

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