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Ashlynn Taylor in Video - Ashlynn "My Silky Soles Own You" 2023 [Feet Extreme Boys | FullHD] (MPEG-4/1.04 GB)

Ashlynn Taylor in Video - Ashlynn "My Silky Soles Own You" 2023 [Feet Extreme Boys | FullHD] (MPEG-4/1.04 GB)

Duration: 00:12:16 | Quality: FullHD | Format: MPEG-4 | Size: 1.04 GB

Porno Online Ashlynn Taylor - Ashlynn "My Silky Soles Own You"

I want you to focus on my soft oiled feet rubbing you perfectly and making you grow harder and harder. You're suddenly in a trance as you watch my toes grip your shaft and mechanically stroke you. I don't stop teasing you as I talk about your obvious foot fetish and how I'm going to satisfy your fantasy. After all, all you need are my silky soles rubbing you continuously until you cum. Nothing else matters except these sensations as I talk to closer to orgasm. I'm determined to own you with these feet, so I tease you gently and sensually, treating you to various positions. I rotate between jerking you with all my toes, to my soles, and even to stroking you with just my first and second toes. Switching up between all these angles keeps you right on the edge of cumming and rock hard for me. You love that my feet control your cock and balls. I keep reminding you that I'll determine when you're allowed to cum. I turn around and wrap my wrinkled soles around you, stroking faster, and then slowing down to tease and show off my defined wrinkles. You have a perfect view of my soles and ass as you get closer and closer. I turn back around and grip your cock with all my pretty toes, stroking the pre-cum from you and webbing it in between them. I'm satisfied with how hard you are for my feet and how long you've lasted. I decide to reward you and I let you prove you love my feet with a huge cumshot!

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