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Ecstasy Payback in Video - Mistress Gaia 2023 [Nice Legs, Extreme Foot | FullHD] (MPEG-4/1.01 GB)

Ecstasy Payback in Video - Mistress Gaia 2023 [Nice Legs, Extreme Foot | FullHD] (MPEG-4/1.01 GB)

Duration: 00:08:08 | Quality: FullHD | Format: MPEG-4 | Size: 1.01 GB

Porno Online Ecstasy Payback - Mistress Gaia

I’m in a good mood today, I’m just back from the gym and my slave has been patiently waiting for me. I left him on the floor with his cock in the cock table. Since he’s been quite obedient lately, I told him i would have a little surprise for him on my return. I begin to tease him with my beautiful feet, using them to massage his limp cock. Of course it’s not long before he gets aroused and wants to cum. Not yet.. I want him to suffer a little longer. I press down hard with my foot on his cock, squashing it between my toes. He can’t help himself, and begs me to allow him to cum. with his cock between my feet, I gradually apply the right amount of pressure. It’s not long before my bitch squirts his mess over the table, as I continue to extract ever last drop of cum from him. I then order him to clean the table and take up a standing position on the floor. I think he thought that he was just here for his pleasure. Not so… I’m going to enjoy myself too. I tell him there’s a price to pay, and he’s going to suffer a good ballbusting on his empty sacks. I quickly begin with some warm up kicks, the give him some real clappers. He squeals in pain as my alternate kicks find their easy target. Then I go behind him and give him a couple of rear drivers to his hanging fruit. I finally finish him off with some thunder claps as he falls to the floor in agony. As I place my foot over his mouth, he gasps for air under my beautiful feet. Clinching his aching nuts, he now understands the cost of his ecstasy payback…

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