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Felicia Fisher in Video - Bye, Felicia – Toehunter 2023 [Bratty Foot, Extreme Feet | FullHD] (MPEG-4/2.33 GB)

Duration: 00:23:16 | Quality: FullHD | Format: MPEG-4 | Size: 2.33 GB

Porno Online Felicia Fisher - Bye, Felicia – Toehunter

So my long time friend, Felicia came by with some surprising news. She’s moving away! I’m shocked to hear the news but even more shocked by what she said next. Turns out she has been watching my videos and she wanted do with me what the girls in the video. I’m totally shocked but totally down to do it cause she does have cute feet and very soft too. So she takes charge and pulls my underwear off and puts some on her feet and starts rubbing them all over my cock till it gets rock hard. She then grabs it between those arches and strokes it while applying a firm grip. She continues switching from a few different positions until she has me on edge and begs me to cum on her pretty little toes, so I do. And just like that she up and leaving out the the door to inform others friends that she’s leaving, Bye Felicia!

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